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Create CSV file from Google Spreadsheet

Hello! It is very easy to create a CSV file from data in a Google spreadsheet using Google Apps Script. I have written this code for creating CSV file with email IDs to import in Google groups as it is very difficult to copy paste the emails IDs manually. The aim of this post is to explain how to create files and folders using Google script. 1. Open your spreadsheet that contains the data

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Extract email IDs from Gmail

Hey people! Writing after a long time. Today I will explain how to scan your Gmail and extract all email IDs to a Google spreadsheet using Google apps script. 1. Go to google drive, create a new spreadsheet and give it a name. 2. Open the script editor. Tools -> Script Editor 3. Copy and paste the below code to the script editor and save the script with a name.

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Scan and copy all the music files in a directory

Hey guys! Wrting after a short break and hoping to keep it on from now on. So here’s the thing. I love listening to music and I had lots of different music in my mac’s music folder. I used to copy collections from my friends and add them to my music folder. And after a certain point, I started loosing track of what’s there. Because each folder would have subfolders. And I found multiple copies of the same music in different folders.

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