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Bulk Download Facebook Photos

Occasionally we download a lot of photos from Facebook. Downloading photos is really simple too : Just right click the mouse and select save image as. But what if you want to download bulk images, like 50 or 100 (for instance, you are into this girl and you want to save all the best albums of your crush) ? Will you select each and every pic and do the same process?

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Set receiving timer for Gmail incoming mails..

Sometimes, receiving mails continuously can be such a pain. If you are facing this problem, and if you are a Gmail user, be happy to know that it is possible to adjust Gmail to let in the incoming mail at a specified time. You can pause the inbox to block the mails coming to your inbox. 1. Go to your Gmail inbox, Go to Settings and go to the tab named “labels”.

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Install .bar file on BB10 devices

Please follow the steps for installing .bar file into BB10 devices using Chrome. 1. Go to the chrome web store, search for BB10 app manager and add the extension to your chrome. 2. Connect BB10 device to your computer using USB cable. And turn on the development mode on your phone. Enter the device password to enable development mode. If you have no password for the device it will ask to create new password.

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